As the crowd into the growth period after 80, 90, and the implementation of the national two-child policy, the future China's huge population of children will peripheral industries such as photography of children, pregnant mother bring rapid development.In the face of children grow up day by day, to the child every major memorial day, also is more and more attention.Such as: hung the stars of a small tent, soda, flowers and toys, gift box, model, etc., can constitute a party scene full of tong qu.Plus the little hero's unique modelling and accessories, with a sweet smile, as if the air becomes a sweet moment.
2015 China Shanghai international children's photography exhibition (spring) on January 20-23, exhibition hall in Shanghai world expo exhibition hall the negative a layer of 4 (Po into pudong new area road 850) held a grand, the exhibition scope includes: children's album picture frames, children's clothing supplies, children's photography samples with r&d and joined, children live props, souvenir and services for children, pregnant mother dress and sample development, children's celebration planning, etc., Shanghai both invite your participation!
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